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Make the switch to GreenPower and make (virtually) no difference to your carbon emissions

There was a story in today’s Adelaide Advertiser about GreenPower. This is a catch-all word to describe the option to buy your energy from renewable sources (aka ‘green energy‘), or purchase offsets, rather than simply source it from fossil fuel-fired power stations – all by simply choosing to pay a bit extra per kilowatt hour […]

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Two urgent climate statements – but no impact?

In the last year, two different groups of Australian scientists have released joint statements, urging a more rapid and meaningful response from our society if we are to avoid global climate disruption. The first was called the Bali Declaration: UNSW climatologists are leading a consortium of more than 200 leading climate scientists who have warned […]

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Australia’s most powerful climate-forcing agent – it’s not coal

I recently had an Opinion Editorial published in The Age, with two co-authors, which discussed something most people don’t think a whole lot about – how their diet affects their carbon footprint. It was a response to the draft Garnaut Review on the economic impact of climate change on Australia. Here is a snippet. PROFESSOR […]


How long will Old King Coal reign? Part I

The arguments around carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a way of producing so-called ‘clean coal’ (low emissions baseload energy) have, to date, focused on its technical feasibility. I’ll talk more about that in another post. But first, let’s consider a more fundamental question. Just how much of the black stuff is there? Here is […]