Australia can be a clean energy superpower

A guest post by Stewart Taggart Imagine a world in which Australia becomes a ‘clean energy superpower’ exporting huge volumes of clean, green, zero-greenhouse gas electricity to Asia, powering homes, industry and electric vehicles. It requires vision. It requires will and leadership. But it’s not that farfetched. If we’re willing to dream a little… TREC/DESERTEC-Australia […]

Future Renewables

Geoengineering – damned if you do, damned if you don’t?

We’ve overshot the ‘safe’ level of atmospheric greenhouse gases are are going to be forced to look for ways to artificially cool the planet, or alternatively, to rapidly drawn down free-air CO2. Most geoengineering solutions look to do the former. For instance, the ‘simulated volcano’ (stratospheric sulphates) or ‘sunshade world’ (mirrors in space) are intended […]