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Climate change basics I – observations, causes and consequences

Thanks to some strong community input, I now have a F.A.Q. page on BNC, which current has three posts: Take real action on climate change – Part 1: The strategy and Part 2: Frequently Asked Questions, and A checklist for renewable energy plans. In its current form, the FAQ focuses on the action we should take […]

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BNC community analysis of the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Report

A new report, Zero Carbon Australia 2020, has been released today. Its aim is to “show how Australia can reach 100% renewable energy within a decade, using technology that is commercially available right now“. From their website: The guiding principles of ZCA 2020 include: Australia’s energy is provided entirely from renewable sources at the end […]

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Vote for Brave New Climate!

Brave New Climate, has been listed as one of the 10 finalists for ‘Australia’s best science blogger 2010‘. If you think I deserve to win, vote now! The winner of The Big Blog Theory, as determined by public vote, will be named the official National Science Week 2010 blogger and will receive a four-day blogging […]

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TCASE 12: A checklist for renewable energy plans

Guest post by John D. Morgan. John runs R&D programmes at a Sydney startup company. He has a PhD in physical chemistry, and research experience in chemical engineering in the US and at CSIRO. He is a regular commenter on BNC. A 10-page printable PDF version of this post can be downloaded here. ———————————– Beyond […]

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TCASE 11: Safety, cost and regulation in nuclear electricity generation

Guest post by DV82XL. He is a Canadian chemist and materials scientist. For his previous article on the 2010 Nuclear Security Summit, see here, and on why an informed public is key to acceptance of nuclear energy, see here. Unless you intend to design a nuclear reactor from scratch, you are going to have to accept whatever […]