AMA (Ask Me Anything) #1

Some replies to questions posed so far, in the previous comments thread (and one on Twitter). Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and/or represent my synthesis of the evidence I’ve seen. Caveat emptor. Hank Roberts: Thoughts about proposed small nuclear reactors, please. Difficult to licence, especially in Western markets. This is why the designs for […]


BNC Update

It’s been a while — well over 4 years, in fact… Time for an update? Brave New Climate is is a blog with its roots in the climate and energy problem. It was started in 2008, flourished for about 5 years, and then reached what seemed to be the end of its natural life. I […]

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Pokécology: people will never put down their phones, but games can get them focused on nature

By Jessie Buettel & Barry Brook. Original published on The Conversation. Anyone who has been outdoors in a populated area in the past month will be aware of the massive success of Pokémon GO, which has rocketed to the top of the gaming charts. People have been avidly collecting Pokémon creatures in various media formats […]

Open Thread

Open Thread 26

Time for a new open thread, since apparently the previous one is now loading a little slowly… I’ll close the old one to comments, so please continue discussion here. As for the quiescence of BNC over the past few months, well, I’ve been travelling — what can I say? But I have a new post […]

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Ph.D. scholarships in ecology & conservation

Ph.D. projects now offered in the Dynamics of Eco-Evolutionary Patterns (D.E.E.P.) research group, based at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Tasmania. We study ecological and evolutionary dynamics, global change, and conservation biology. Our study systems include plants and animals, with a focus on the unique Australian environment. The Ph.D. project topics […]