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Ph.D. scholarships in ecology & conservation

Ph.D. projects now offered in the Dynamics of Eco-Evolutionary Patterns (D.E.E.P.) research group, based at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Tasmania. We study ecological and evolutionary dynamics, global change, and conservation biology. Our study systems include plants and animals, with a focus on the unique Australian environment. The Ph.D. project topics […]

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Open Thread 25

Time for a fresh open thread! (the old one being weighed down by over 1000 comments). The Open Thread is a general discussion forum, where you can talk about whatever you like — there is nothing ‘off topic’ here — within reason. So get up on your soap box! The standard commenting rules of courtesy […]

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On the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission

Back in February 2015, I posted on BNC about the announcement of a Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (henceforth NFCRC) in the uranium-mining state of South Australia (SA). This was followed up by a post on The Conversation by Ben Heard and me, entitled “Royal commission into nuclear will open a world of […]

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What “On the…”?

I’ve never liked titles of scientific papers that being with “On the…[whatever]”. It’s always struck me as simultaneously pretentious and uninformative. These days I usually try to give the main result in a paper’s title, or at least, make it clever, or humorous… (Another irk is when people introduce a speaker with the phrase “Without further […]


BNC 3.0

The 6th January 2015. That was the last time I posted an original contribution to Brave New Climate (BNC)  — at least something that wasn’t a re-post (e.g., from The Conversation), a guest post, an Open Thread or a side note… In other words, the BNC blog has fallen fallow for well over a year. I […]