Climate Change Q and A Seminar 6: Friday 24 Oct – The popular media debate on climate change and peak oil

Seminar reminder and Discussion Thread.

Friday 24 October: Greenhouse denial versus good science: The ‘pretend debate”

“Even the scientists don’t agree.”

Perfect agreement is hard to achieve, particularly on subjects as complex and expansive as climate change. However, a vast majority of scientists do agree that human activity is causing global climate change, that the consequences will be negative and far reaching and that urgent action must be taken. Yet, there are those who claim there is no evidence, no consensus, no proof. Others say scientists are ‘alarmist,’ or that there is a scientific conspiracy.

This final seminar focuses on the claim of discord in the scientific community, and whether climate change denial really represents a coherent alternative theory to mainstream science.

The guest speaker will talk of another critical, yet poorly addressed resource crisis – peak oil.

An extended question-and-answer period will be included in this final seminar of the series.

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