Here are some guidelines for formatting your comments on BNC.


To embed a link — there are a couple of options here:

1. Just whack in a link by typing it straight in. E.g.

Take a look at this new article:

2. Insert a hyperlinked word, e.g.

Take a look at <a href=>this new article</a>.


To quote someone else’s comment:

1. Copy-and-paste their text, and then format it as follows:

<blockquote>This is their quoted text</blockquote>


To insert an image:

To post a plot/image you need to use the img command. Here is an example — make sure to add the brackets:

<img src=”″ alt=”My book” />


To search BNC posts using Google:

Let’s say you want to search for “solar” and “capacity factor”. Then, enter your search term into Google as follows:

solar capacity factor


To search through BNC comments

What about if you want to search through comments on BNC, rather than the blog posts? You can’t do this through the BNC site’s standard search box, because this only accesses posts. However, you can do it here:

First, select the “comments” radio button. Then try typing in the following (for instance):

fission products

The default option will show you the Most relevant results, but you can also click on Show the most recent.


More to come (including advanced variants of the above)…

5 replies on “Notes”

Thank you for this. Very helpful. It needs a link on the ‘About’ tab, or better still in the left margin, so we can find it in future.


Firefox users might find one (or more ?) of the following extensions useful, each of them does HTML and BBCode tags

Text Formatting Toolbar


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