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Notes from the US of A

I’ve been travelling internationally for the last few weeks. It’s been a productive time – I’ve drafted a complete paper intended for The Breakthrough Journal (more on this in a later post), increased and enhanced my network of professional connections and friendships, got some robust strategic planning done on how to get ‘big things’ happening […]

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Golf balls and elephants – energy density in 9 seconds

I’m currently developing a short (2 minute, 30 second) animated video on nuclear power and climate change, with help from friend Ben Heard and the skills of Ron Furner and his team at Fury Films. Near the end of the vid, we talk about the vast amount of energy embodied in so-called ‘nuclear waste’ (or […]

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Josef Oehmen and Fukushima – Would I have believed myself?

On the 13th of March, I posted an article called “Fukushima Nuclear Accident – A simple and accurate explanation“. This was early on in the Fukushima crisis when people were desperately hungry for understandable information, and yet there were scarce few good explanations available. The post had been written by Dr Josef Oehmen, a research […]

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Another hockey stick fabrication!

All is not as it seems with the world’s most famous hockey stick graph, a new study, to be published in the journal Power and Milieu, has revealed. For decades, school students and the general public have been taught that world human population size has exploded into exponential growth over the last few centuries (see […]


Cartoon guide to global warming denial II

There are two reasons to chuckle at the current situation with global warming. First, it’s because if you don’t have laugh at how ridiculous the national (Australian) and international ‘responses’ to this crisis are, you’d be forced to cry. Second, the denier are, well… laughable. Enjoy batch II (you can see batch I here).