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Kurzgesagt on climate-change mitigation

They’re German. And they make sense on climate-change mitigation! This animated video is one of the best summaries I’ve seen on the prospects for, and impediments to, cutting greenhouse gases. It’s factual, balanced and entertaining (as in all their work, the presentation is superb). They note the following: This video is part of a series […]

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The capacity factor of wind

Guest Post by John Morgan. John is Chief Scientist at a Sydney startup developing smart grid and grid scale energy storage technologies.  You can follow John on twitter at @JohnDPMorgan. A lot of ink is spilled on wind intermittency, and not necessarily based in data.  So I have extracted and analyzed a high resolution dataset of a year’s […]

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Reducing emissions: Goldberg machines are not meant to be planning advice

Guest Post by Alex Coram. Alex is Professor (Emeritus) at the University of Western Australia and a visiting professor at Robert Gordon University and the University of Massachusetts.  He mostly works on problems in mathematical political-economy. Rube Goldberg machines are devices for achieving some straightforward objective in a manner that requires great expenditure of effort and […]

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A path to energy nirvana, or just a circuitous detour?

Guest Post by Geoff Russell. Geoff recently released the popular book “Greenjacked! The derailing of environmental action on climate change“. My previous BNC post started with a story about satnavs, those great little replacements for a dog-eared street directory. Everybody understands the value of planning a route. Everybody understands that just because a road is heading […]

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Satnavs, biofuel and climate change

The biofuel roll out is worse than just too slow…