New BNC podcast series and predict millionth page view

One of the new initiatives I’ll be trying in 2011 is an audio podcast series (I use the term ‘series’ loosely, as there’ll be no fixed schedule). This is now fairly straightforward to do, via my iPhone 4 and the Audioboo app.

This type of media/blogging is quick and flexible to do on the fly. This is a real advantage for me, because I quite often have time to take 5-10 minutes to record something, but often not time to compose a more detailed blog post (once every 3-5 days is about my sanity limit!). So, in this way, I hope to add a lot of detailed content on very specific topics by this method.

All of the podcasts will be short (<5 minutes) and will range from general observations of recent news in climate and energy, to very targeted answers to questions (please feel free to pose those you’d like me to have a go at answering), to short interviews with interesting people.

To access the podcasts, you could: (a) click on the purple Audioboo icon left sidebar of the BNC homepage (this will take you to the BNC Podcast site) or (b) subscribe to BNC’s Boo RSS audio feed or subscribe to the iTunes feed (same link as the RSS but replace “http” with “itpc“) to have it automatically delivered to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Note that it is also automatically announced on my Twitter feed and Facebook page.

To kick things off, I’ve put up a couple of launch recordings:

Welcome to BraveNewClimate (4:27 min)

Integral Fast Reactor nuclear power – what is it and why should you care? (2:45 min)

Are the climate and energy debates missing the point? (4:56 min)

At least initially, this will be very much an ad hoc affair, but I hope it proves useful and interesting. More formally, I’m hoping to also set up a more professionally hosted podcast series, which will run weekly or fortnightly for 15-30 min — I’ve done some brainstorming about this with some key people, but am yet to finalise any details, so stay tuned.

Talking of public broadcasts, I’ll be doing an extended interview with ABC Counterpoint soon on the Energy paper. I’ll also be doing a session with ABC 891 mornings programme (Matt & Dave) on floods and climate change, which for Adelaide viewers, will be on at about 8:30am (note also that the Bureau of Meteorology has updated their special climate statement on this, to cover the extraordinary January conditions in QLD and Vic).

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