3/3 CCQA3 Questions from the audience regarding climate models and projections

Listen to Barry Brook and Peter Hayman respond to questions from the audience at the 3rd seminar in the series entitled Climate Change Q and A: Sceptical Questions and the Scientific Answers. Subscribe for podcasts at bravenewclimate.com/feed or go to adelaide.edu.au/climatechange for complete details about the series.

Please note this recording contains brief silent sections where audience members asking questions did not have a microphone. In general, the presenter repeats the question before giving his answer.


  1. Really enjoying the talks, Barry. Am especially interested in the biosphere response to climate change – was my question to Peter about genetic var. vs. climate var. The answer is critical when addressing whether any global adaption strategy is likely to be effective or not.


  2. Thanks Nexus 6 – next talk, on 19 Sept, I will be talking explicitly about observed and projected geophysical and ecological impacts of climate change and its synergies, including limits of adaptation – so should be exactly what you are looking for.


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