1/3 CCQA6 Intro and Michael Lardelli on peak oil

Listen to the seminar introduction by Barry Brook and the presentation by Dr Michael Lardelli focussing on peak oil. This is the 1st of 3 recordings from the 6th and final seminar in the series entitled Climate Change Q and A: Sceptical Questions and the Scientific Answers. Subscribe for podcasts at bravenewclimate.com/feed or go to adelaide.edu.au/climatechange for complete details about the series.



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  4. Woah! Olduvai theory gets a mention at BNC!? Wow. OK, I’ve GOT to listen to these podcasts.

    Barry, I’m after a link to the long Adelaide radio chat/podcast, about 40 minutes, where you mention the speed of deployment of nuclear VS the speed of setting up renewable energy to do so.

    What assumptions where in those equations for 200 meters of solar thermal mirrors per second, etc? Anyway, just after the link to that podcast because they were some amazing figures.


  5. The podcast is here:

    Assumptions spelled out here:
    TCASE 4: Energy system build rates and material inputs

    There is another post (from in the early days of BNC) on the Olduvai theory, here:


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