Radio debate on nuclear power for addressing climate change – Brook vs Ludlum

Scott Ludlum

Barry Brook

Yesterday I debated nuclear energy and climate change on 891 ABC radio with Greens Senator Scott Ludlum, on the afternoon show hosted by Sonya Feldhoff. (It was a studio interview, so the audio quality is quite good.) We had a decent amount of time to cover off on issues, including answering callers, but as always, there was much more that could have been said!

Download the audio file here (39 minutes, MP3)

Another item of interest are two new articles on the UK proposal to construct the first Integral Fast Reactor to dispose of its separated plutonium inventory (first discussed on BNC iDisposal of UK plutonium stocks with a climate change focus).


To register comments, go here:   Many points raised, but few covered in detail, so perhaps we can expand on some of these on the BNC Discussion Forum.


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